The Power to Gas Strategy Platform

With the Power to Gas Strategy Platform, the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) – the German Energy Agency – and its partners are supporting the use and development of the Power to Gas system solution. In the Strategy Platform, partners from business, associations and science pool their diverse expertise and experience. The core objective is to establish Power to Gas as a reliable, cost-efficient and large-scale multi-purpose option at least by the beginning of the year 2020/2025 with at least 1.000 MW of electrolysis power installed in Germany.

dena’s strategy platform activities

  • Agenda setting with continuous press and public relations to raise public awareness and inform political decision makers.
  • Working out and communicating recommendations for action
  • Suggestions for legal, technical and economic framework adjustments
  • Evaluation and analysis of key findings from pilot- and demonstration projects
  • Initiation of exchanges between different stakeholders – e.g. industry, research, decision makers and associations

Contact details

For further information about Power to Gas and the dena strategy platform please contact:

Jeannette Uhlig
Project director

0049 30 66 777 -758